Driscoll Web Development


Ladera Ranch Service and Outreach


We worked with Ladera Ranch Service and Outreach to help them finish a website that was minimally functional due to the departure of the organization's previous web developer. We also helped the organization to troubleshoot some of the problems that were occurring on the site. Some of the highlights of our work include: correcting problems with the site's dynamically created multi-page forms, adding a simple email contact form to the site's front end, adding a back-end administrative interface that allowed board members to comment on/approve new applicants, as well as upload RichText files to be used in the site's News and Help areas. Finally, we added a cron job to the server in order to eliminate blank rows in the database's tables. This project was completed in May 2006.

Last spring we were left with a partially completed website after our developer told us that he could no longer work on it. Brian Driscoll took up the project where our previous developer left off and finished our organization's website on time and within budget. Along the way, Brian came up with ideas for our website that we had not even thought of. Thank you for making our project a success.